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The advantages and working principle of vickers vane pump

Time:2018-01-08 Views:3157

Vickers vane pump enjoys a reputation of advanced technology and reliable quality in the global industrial field.Products are widely used in earth moving machinery, agriculture, construction, aviation, mining, forestry, public facilities and material handling, and other fields, the following helwig and is to introduce the working principle and advantage of the vane pump.

I. advantages of vickers vane pump:

1. Extend the service life of the bearing

The inner oil inlet and the oil outlet pressure chamber are completely opposite. As a result, the radial load caused by the pressure is balanced.

2. Extend the life of the product

These pumps are well designed to last longer and have proven to work in harsh conditions.

3. Strong adaptability

The characteristics of large flow, high pressure and high speed enable these pumps to meet the needs of hydraulic circuits of many kinds of modern mechanical equipment.

4. Good performance

Low blade tip/stator load allows high pressure work, because the feed way designed to make the oil are accelerated, therefore high speed is possible, and filling properties is good, especially in the case of low inlet pressure.

5. Low cost

Wigels‘s efficient design produces a very high efficiency/pump investment ratio, with very low pump cost/power ratios for use in industry.

Ii. Working principle of blade pump:

1. Through the rotation of the impeller, the blade pump converts the mechanical energy of the power machine into a hydraulic machine with water energy (potential energy, kinetic energy and pressure energy).Vane pump products are generally not called vane pumps.But as a special, the vane pump almost all refers to centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump and so on.Vane pump refers to the special volume pump in the slide pump.Vane pump refers to the three pumps (centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump) or other special pumps of the power pump.The vane pump can be divided into vane variable pump and vane quantitative pump according to its theoretical displacement per turn is fixed value or variable value.

2. When the rotor of the vane pump rotates, the tip of the blade is attached to the inner surface of the stator under the action of centrifugal force and pressure oil.In this way, the working volume formed by the inner surface of the two blades, rotor and stator is first absorbed from small to large and then discharged from large to small. When the blades rotate for one week, two oil absorption and oil discharge are completed.

3. Working principle of single-acting vane pump

The pump is composed of rotor, stator, blade, oil distribution disc and end cover.The inner surface of the stator is a cylindrical hole.There is an eccentricity between the rotor and stator.Blade sliding groove of the rotor can be flexible, when the rotor rotating centrifugal force, and pass into the oil pressure under the action of blade root, leaf at the top of the stick close on the stator surface, so the two adjacent blades, oil distribution plate, between the stator and rotor cavity is formed by sealing work.When the rotor rotates in a counterclockwise direction, the blade extends outwards and the sealing working chamber volume increases gradually, resulting in vacuum. Therefore, oil is inhaled through the oil suction port and the window on the oil distribution plate.As the blades recede inward, the volume of the sealing chamber shrinks gradually, and the oil in the sealing chamber is pumped out into the system through another window of the oil distribution plate and pressure port 1.This kind of pump in the rotor rotating process, oil suction pressure each time, so called a single action pump.The rotor is subjected to radial hydraulic unbalanced force, so it is also called non-equilibrium pump, its bearing load is large.The displacement of pump can be changed by changing the eccentricity between stator and rotor, so this kind of pump is variable.

4. Working principle of double-acting vane pump

Its action principle and single-acting vane pump is similar, the difference only lies in the surface of the stator is composed of two long radius arc, two short radius and four period of transition curve in eight sections, and the stator and rotor is concentric.In the case of this rotor rotate clockwise, sealed working chamber volume in the upper left corner and the lower right corner place gradually increase, for oil absorption, decreases at the lower left corner and upper right corner, as the pressure oil region;There is a seal area between the oil absorption area and the oil pressure area to separate them.This kind of pump rotor turns every turn, each seal work chamber completes the oil absorption and the pressure oil movement twice each, so called double action blade pump.The two oil absorption areas and two oil pressure areas of the pump are radial symmetric, and the liquid pressure on the rotor is radial balanced, so it is also called balanced blade pump.

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